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SAP ISH F.13 (Automatic Clearing) on Steroids

Organization – Hadassah Medical Center Sector – Health Care Abstract SAP transaction code F.13 (Automatic Clearing without Currency) only allows document cleaning according to predefined standard variables. However, the hospital needed to clear FI documents based on matching multiple parameters from different SAP entities (some of them from the logistics world).    Using InsightZAP, the …

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Automated data distribution: SAP ISH

Organization – Hadassah Medical Center Sector – Health Care   Problem – Generating a hospital-level hospitalization report and sending parts of the report to different stakeholders in different health maintenance organizations. The work was done manually; it was time-consuming, and sometimes errors would occur.   Solution – Using InsightZAP, a new automated process was launched. …

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  • Unique and Patented Technology: Setting it apart from the rest.
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  • Collaboration: sharing and collaborating SAP data with your team or vendors.
  • IDoc Management Reimagined: Embrace a simpler and more innovative approach to IDoc management.
  • SAP Change Logs: Easily track and review all past changes related to business objects.
  • Built-in Fiori App
  • Extensive Support: Benefit from 70 hours of support, including a free 24-hour onboarding course to help you maximize the potential of InsightZAP.

And the list of benefits continues; it’s just challenging to capture all of InsightZAP’s advantages on a single page.

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