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Insight Publisher – Customizing (IMG)


Customization layer (T-Code: /DCM/PUBLISHER_IMG) contains a set of useful tools to allow administrative control and customization options.

Publisher IMG Main screen


Maintain Environment Data

The following Environmental parameters are available:

  • General Configuration
  • Email
  • Snapshots
  • PDF


Publisher IMG Configuration
  • Activation
    • Inactive – deactivate Insight Publisher
  • Distribution Methods – check the relevant methods that will be available.
  • Job Parameters – create a default for fields and define if they are input field or will be grayed out.
    • Background user
    • ServerName
  • Log:
    • Check the ‘Log Active’ checkbox to create a log.


Publisher IMG Configuration Email


  • Email – Define a default sender as email address or user.
  • Input field – customize whether this field will be open for change.
  • Signature – Added to the email


Publisher IMG Configuration Snapshot


  • Define max size of a single snapshot and total of all snapshots.


Publisher IMG Configuration PDF


  • Define the output device.

Define Job Group

Manage a Job Group and link each report in Insight Publisher to the relevant Job Group (IE: FI, Logistic, IT ext.). It is possible to maintain a separate authorization for each Job Group (Authorization object ‘ZDCM_PBADM’).

Publisher IMG Job Groups


  • Job group – enter a short name for the group.
  • Description – enter a short description of the group.



Publisher IMG Blocklist


Blacklisted email-addresses can now be maintained.

This customizing option can be directly accessed via transaction /DCM/PUBLISHER_BLIST.

E-Mails won’t be sent to blacklisted addresses.

You may use the “Valid To” parameters for temporary email blocking.

Business Add-Ins (BAdIs)

BAdI: Distribution Methods

This BAdI allows adding customer logic for distribution methods.

Method DEST_VALIDATE – Validates destination before distribution. e.g. remove forbidden email addresses.


Delete Logs

Publisher IMG Logs Delete


  • Delete relevant program logs by entering specific dates and time.


Define Snapshot Keys

Publisher IMG Snapshot Keys


  • Maintain snapshot logical name, can be set by job group.

By selecting a Snapshot Key and hitting the Where-Use button the following Popup dialog will appear:

Publisher IMG Snapshot Whereused


A Snapshot may be used both by an Insight Publisher Job (to populate it) and by Insight Creator Variant (retrieve the data).

Delete Snapshots

Publisher IMG Snapshot Delete


  • Delete relevant snapshot by entering specific parameters.

Business Entity

Many business entity types are available out-of-the-box.

However, new (customer) business entity types can be added quite easily.

Definition of new business entity type consists of two steps:

Define Business Entities Types

The following screen appears:

Publisher IMG Business Entity Types


Define Business Entity Types – Customizing of new entity type: Code, description and reference field.

BAdI: Business Entity

The following screen appears:

Publisher IMG Business Entity BAdI

Implementation of BAdI definition /DCM/BUSINESS_ENTITY (either manually or via wizard in Define Business Entity Types) – New implementation should be created for each business entity type (Filter = Business entity type).

The implementation consists of 3 simple methods:

  • EXIST_CHECK – Validate business object value (e.g. Check if SAP User exists).

  • COMM_ID_GET – Retrieval of communication address of business object. Used for both email and SMS mobile number (e.g. Get email address of SAP user)

  • TEXT_GET – Get name/description of business object (e.g. Select name of SAP user)

Example class /DCM/CL_BADI_BUS_ENT_SAPUSER can be used as reference.

Business entity types can also be used for internal assignment of responsible persons of business area, even in case no standard assignment is available. e.g. Contact persons according to purchasing organization.


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