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Insight Creator – Customizing (IMG)


This section will show the customize options of Insight Creator.

  1. Login to SAP
  2. Go to the Insight-SAP Insight Creator transaction in ‘/DPS/RAINBOW_IMG’ (T-code). You might want to save this transaction in your favorites.

Another option is to navigate from the main Insight Creator screen via Goto -> Customizing

The following window will open:

Creator IMG Main screen


Environment Data

Maintain Environment Data

Click on ‘Execute’ Button .

The following window will open:

Creator IMG Maintain Environment Data screen

The following customization structures are available (use the left panel to switch between structures:


  • Via Selection Screen -> Save required – Defines what will happen when the variant report is executed via selection screen and not saved. When the option is checked and ‘Back’ button is clicked the report will not run.
  • Log Active – Activate the log in transaction ‘/DPS/RAINBOW_LOG’.

Fiori Front-End-Server:

  • Define the RFC Destination of Fiori Front-End Server.


  • Define the URL and port of the ITS Server.


Define Groups

This option enables to create a group to collect reports (for example Finance, Procurement, Sales, etc.).

You can use this groups also for authorization purposes (please reefer to the  insight-sap knowledge base)

Click on ‘Execute’ Button .

The following window will open:

Creator IMG Groups

Important Note:

The Group 1MY is delivered with the system and serves as the default Group in case no other Group was selected.

Toolbar Functions

Toolbar Functions

In addition to built-in InsightZAP Creator functionality, it is possible to extend variant with (custom) Toolbar Functions. Toolbar Functions are manifested as push buttons at the Creator toolbar. Adding Toolbar Functions, turn a simple report into an Operative one, e.g. adding Update delivery date at Purchase Orders Report. Functions are built of two parts: Function definition (Creator level) and function usage (Variant level).

Function usage is done by simple assignment function to the Creator variant. The assignment consist of two parts: Setting of function name and its UI attributes. Attributes can be adapted from function definition or set manually. 

In case the Creator is built of a specific Toolbar Function (Source of type Function) the outcome will be a whiteboard Excel-like screen. From this screen, user my key-in rows of data, selected the records, and press the Toolbar function thereafter. Another way to utilize the Toolbar Function is by uploading an Excel file in the  structure of that Toolbar Function and to press the button upon completion. 

In addition to manual execution by user (in the UI), it’s possible to execute the function directly w/o displaying ALV. This can be done by scheduling report /DPS/RET_RAINBOW and setting Function under Direct Execution. In such case, processing messages will be written to application log under object Object /DPS/RAINBOW. Logs can be displayed in transaction /DPS/RAINBOW_APPLOG.

Define Toolbar Functions

This option enables to create a button in a variant report.

Click on ‘Execute’ Button .

The following window will open:

Creator IMG Functions Selection

Narrow down the list of Toolbar Function and Click on ‘Execute’ Button  

Creator IMG Functions

This view cluster enable searching “where used”, defining and editing Toolbar function.

  1. Select a row and press the “Where Used” button .
    A popup screen will display the list of variants and the button ID (the ID includes a hot spot to easily view the Insight Creator Variant) .
    Creator IMG Functions WhereUsed
  2. Click at New entries or Change in order to create new toolbar function or to edit and existing one.
  3. Fill in the required input field in the view:

a. The icon to the left describes the function implementation status. The statuses are as follow:

  • Green icon – The Function is well implemented.
  • No color icon – The Function was not yet implemented.
  • Red icon – There are multi-Function implementations.

b. The unique function name serves as the Toolbar function user-command.

c. Group is the function group name. It helps to group function by criteria. see next section on how to define and maintain.

d. Icon field will be used as the Toolbar button icon

e. Icon text, if entered, will be shown on the Toolbar button

f. Quick info for icon – Hoovering a button will display this text if entered

g. Refresh – Marking this checkbox point the system to refresh the whole Report data upon function return. This functionality Refreshes the Report data upon return and is used by Toolbar functions that may affect the presented data. Do note that this functionality may affect performance since the whole report is re-fetched and rendered. The Function may explicitly overrule this Refresh call.

h. Inactive – Marking this checkbox notes the system to ignore this Toolbar altogether.

  1. To further define the Toolbar interface, mark the requested and press the “fields” menu item.
  2. The following screen will be presented.
    Creator IMG Functions Interface

Enter fields properties:

  • Field name – the name of the input.
  • Data element – the field’s defined DE
  • Short description – The default Data Element description.
  • Generic – Mark to define field without a specific data type. Data type will be derived on runtime according to mapped column.
  • Optional checkbox – Point out non-mandatory interface fields
  • Short description – Non-obligatory field description

Important note:

You must save all changes before pressing the BAdI Implementation/Where-used button.

Define Function Groups

This option enables to create a Function Group to a Function in Insight Creator.

Click on ‘Execute’ Button .

The following window will open:

Creator IMG Functions Groups

Assignment of functions to groups allows a simpler selection (it allows the user to restrict the list of functions by group).

Formula Functions

Define Formula Functions

This option enables to create and add function to ‘Formula’ button .

Creator IMG Formula Functions Define

Even though Insight Creator comes with many formulas, you may develop your own custom formulas by creating a class and methods.

Please follow the FAQ on how to develop you own custom formulas .

After developing a new formula you must add it to the Insight Creator customizing as followed:

At the Insight Creator customizing:

  1. Click on ‘Execute’ Button to define Insight Creator Formula Functions.

The following window will open:

Creator IMG Formula Functions
  1. Enter function properties:
    1. Formula Function Status – shows whether the Formula function was correctly implemented or not.
    2. Formula name – Unique Formula Function name. The application adds the prefix C_ in-front of the Formula Functions.
    3. Class name – the class to which the following method belongs to
    4. Method name – the relevant Class Method
    5. Function description – Optional Formula Function description.
    6. Inactive checkbox – deactivate the Formula function

Important note:

There is a Where used button to show Insight Creator Variants that uses a selected Function.



InsightZAP Creator allows authorization at the column level and offers an easy to use tool to pick Data Elements from (at the column level)

Define Column Authorization Groups

This option enables to define Authorization Groups for columns.

  1. Click on ‘Execute’ Button .

The following window will open:

Creator IMG Column Authorization Groups
  1. Maintain the Authorization Group ID.

Define Column Field Types

This option enables to define list and properties of data element fields for columns.

Creator IMG Column Field Types
  1. Click on ‘Execute’ Button .

The following window will open:

Creator IMG Column Field Types Activities
  1. Double-click relevant activity for creation.


Define Variable Authorization Groups

This option enables to define Authorization Groups for Variants.

  1. Click on ‘Execute’ Button .

The following window will open:

Creator IMG Variable Authorization Groups
  1. Maintain the Authorization Group ID.



Business end-user needs all relevant information in sight or a click away. Navigation is in-charge of brining everything closer to the business end-user. It’s possible to define navigation (drilldown) from column to relevant business object, other Creation, other Report or Parameter report.

Maintain Objects Navigation

This option defines the object and activity that can be drill-down in a field report.

Creator IMG Object Navigation Drilldown Popup


Click on ‘Execute’ Button .

The following window will open:

Creator IMG Object Navigation Activities


Assign Navigation to Fields (Global)

This option defines a connection between a domain and an object that will appear in ‘Drill Down’ button in all reports.

Click on ‘Execute’ Button .

The following window will open:

Creator IMG Object Navigation Assign Domain

Important Note:

You can assign more then one navigation object to a Field. The user will have to choose from all available options upon selecting.


Delete logs

This option enables to delete running log of

  1. Click on ‘Execute’ Button .

The following window will open:

Creator IMG Logs Delete
  1. Enter relevant parameters and click on ‘Execute’ button .


Delete Links

Send via Outlook was enhanced with new option “Content link”.

When being set a (perma) link to the report (via ITS) will be

The link will navigate directly to the Insight Creator variant with the
selected report variant, ALV layout and the selected rows.

Generated Insight Creator links are saved in DB.

Generated links should be periodically deleted by scheduling a
background job via this customization (report /DPS/RET_LINK_DEL)

It’s recommended to delete links older than one month to avoid of large DB space.

  1. Click on ‘Execute’ Button .

The following window will open:

Creator IMG Links Delete
  1. Enter relevant parameters and click on ‘Execute’ button .



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