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IDoc Montior+ V5.2 – User Guide

IDoc Monitor+

Insight-SAP IDoc Monitor+ is an unprecedented utility that accelerates dramatically the efficiency and speed in high volume IDoc searches. Insight-SAP IDoc Monitor+ enhances, customizes and personalizes the IDoc inherent search and reporting capabilities, overcoming the existing highly laborious search. Insight-SAP IDoc Monitor+ maintains its high performance while the business grows, as a result of applying a unique structured search algorithm.

Furthermore, Insight-SAP IDoc Monitor+ dynamically generates an ALV Report per each IDoc type, resulting in making IDoc search intuitive and accessible to non-technical SAP users.

Insight-SAP IDoc Monitor+ enhanced features include IDoc-type search with aggregated attributes, wildcard, multiple and value selection (F4).

Implementing SAP’s standard value selection (F4) within the Insight-SAP IDoc Monitor+ is a powerful and unique feature. Value selection is performed directly from the SAP tables (including multiple selections), without having to memorize technical field-names and codes anymore.  It is logical and straightforward to look for “Material” instead of “MATNR” or search by “Material Group” instead of writing down the “material number/s”(SKUs).

To ensure fast and correct results with every search, Insight-SAP IDoc Monitor+ applies the structured search algorithm to every search. It works in such a way that every new incoming and outgoing IDoc is being indexed according to the customized parameters. For every new search, Insight-SAP IDoc Monitor+ uses the already existing indexed information to quickly and dynamically retrieve the requested information.

Insight-SAP IDoc Monitor+ is composed of the following layers:

  • Configuration & Maintenance – Configuration of the IDoc Type indexation fields, attributes and inter-IDoc relations (Transaction /DCM/IDMN_MONITOR – IDoc Monitor)


The screen is separated in to two areas:

On the left panel:

  • Help button – this button opens two direct links:
    • User Guide – a direct link to the IDoc user guide at the Insight-SAP  knowledgeable website.
    • Release Notes – a direct link to the IDoc release notes document.
    • Open Service Ticket – a direct link to Insight-SAP support team where you may open a ticket.
  • Favorite – you mark IDoc variants as your favorite – by clicking on an Insight Creator variant will execute it directly.
  • Recently Used – A list of your previous used IDoc variants – by clicking on an IDoc variant will execute it directly.
  • Scanner – Scans the IDoc database and creates/delete indexes.

Monitor – Sets the search parameters for the IDoc data retrieval and searches the relevant IDoc collection according to the specified selection criteria.


The Monitor is the central point of Insight-SAP IDoc Monitor+ and sets the parameters for the IDoc data retrieval.

It encompasses two main search layers: Metadata & IDoc content-related search. User may search by IDoc metadata and activate either Attributes (All tokens option) or Content-Related (Type-specific selection) options. These are materialized as search definition zones.

Insight-SAP IDoc Monitor+ consists of three search definition zones:

  • IDoc Metadata – search parameters are set individually or per range with greater search flexibility
  • Search all Tokens – search by free string and attribute across all IDoc types

Type-Specific Selection – search according to basic types

General Menu

Transaction: /DCM/IDMN_Monitor

Using the relevant icons, new search criteria is created/defined. The icons provide maximum search flexibility, by including/excluding a full range of values all at once.

 Get Variant as per relevant field

Show All/No relevant values as per search field

Metadata Search

IDoc search can be performed according to one individual value or a range, according the following parameters:

  • IDoc Number – type IDoc number or range. Multiple Selection option is applicable.
  • Message Type – select Message type from table, including range
  • IDoc Status – select IDoc Status from table, including range
  • Changed On – select time from factory calendar, including range
  • Time Changed – type specific time, including range
  • Created On – select time from factory calendar, including range

Multiple Selection option is applicable for all parameters.

Search All Tokens

Inter-IDoc search is performed according to a free string, accompanied by an Attribute, as per the definition in Configuration & Maintenance above. The ability to search according to a free string and Attribute is an extremely unique, powerful and highly useful feature, as it enables users to perform an Inter-IDoc search across various IDoc types. It actually enables to search for a specific entity even-though it is used by different names and different IDoc types and context, as it refers to the content of the database field, i.e., content of the field. Insight-SAP IDoc Monitor+ will easily find all its instances.

Multiple Selection

Multiple-selection is a plethora of search options that can include or exclude single values or range of values. It is applicable to many search parameters.

Single Value Selection:


Multiple Value Selection:


Range Value Selection:


Type-Specific Selection

Type-Specific Selection Search is the most elaborated IDoc search. This is a dynamic search dependent on the Basic Type. The other parameters will be displayed according to the Basic Type.

The first parameter to be selected from the menu is the Basic Type, according to which a dynamic selection screen is generated. The Basic Type configuration was defined above in Configuration & Maintenance. Other search parameters are the ones relevant to the Basic Type selection and are displayed above according to the Sequence Number as per the definition in Configuration & Maintenance.

The F4 search help at the field level is deduced as-well from the customization layer.

Show Value/No Show Value search option is available for all parameters.

Insight-SAP IDoc Monitor+ Search Results Display

Insight-SAP IDoc Monitor+ may be used as the sole cockpit for all IDocs. All IDoc related data can be viewed from this display and all IDoc operations can be triggered. Furthermore, it allows users to view, at a glance, the entire status per IDoc.

Moreover, it is important to stress that each IDoc is materialized as a single record in the IDoc list, regardless of the number of segments or the number of entities corresponding to the search terms. This feature is extremely valuable as it even provides non-technical users with clarity of the information like never before.

The IDoc search results are displayed in list form. The information is clearly and logically displayed, without the need to be a technical expert on IDocs.

The information details in the view are displayed according to the search selection of “Show All Values” or Show No Values” as described above.

The following logical information is available: IDoc no., Basic Type (message type), Basic Type detailed description, IDoc status (colour driven), Status id and logical Status Description, Direction (inbound/outbound), ObjectGuide, Created on (date), Created at (time), Material document year, Material document id(s), Posting date.

The following operations can be triggered from the cockpit view:

  • WE02 – Activates directly SAP’s WE02. User will view the IDoc in its original SAP form.
  • Display Messages – Displays IDocs segments. See further details below.
  • Edit IDoc – Edits the IDoc in SAP original screens.

IDoc display

Explicit IDoc details can be viewed by clicking on the relevant IDoc number in the list or selecting a line on the list and clicking the button.

Each IDoc is materialized as a single record in the IDoc list. However, the IDoc may contain a number of segments or a number of entities in it’s corresponding to the search terms, as in the screen below.


Another option is to activate directly SAP’s WE02, and see the IDoc in its original SAP form.

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