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IDoc Monitor+ – Customizing (IMG)

IDoc Monitor+


This section will show the customize options of the Insight-SAP.

  1. Login to SAP
  2. Go to the Insight-SAP transaction in ‘/DCM/IDMN_IMG’ (T-code). You might want to save this transaction in your favorites.

The following window will open:

IDoc IMG Main screen


Maintain IDoc Types

Configuration of the IDoc indexation fields is the first step before being able to retrieve the IDoc data. It encompasses Indexation Fields and their respective Attributes information.

The following screen will be displayed:

IDoc IMG Types Maintain


Indexation Fields

Definition of the indexation fields is performed by first selecting the relevant Basic type value. Additional dependent parameters are selectable from SAP standard tables or typed information.

The Sequence of each specific field is set as well, for presentation purposes by the IDoc Monitor (see ‎0. below).
Additionally, the system recommends reference data (table & field) according to the dynamically parsed/generated report.  User may overrule this setting to better depict the organization’s business processes.

IDoc IMG IDoc Types
IDoc IMG Indixation Fields



The IDoc indexation fields are selectable (F4) as following:

IDoc IMG Basic Type Search Help


Field Dependence

Allows you to set hierarchical / dependencies between two segments depending on the content. It comes to deal with extreme cases in which there are two segments in the same hierarchy (there is no father-son relationship between them in the hierarchy), but logically they are father and son.


Allows you to add a permission check to view an IDoc record according to an external authorization object / business object.

IDoc IMG Authorization



Field Attributes are defined to enable inter-IDoc searches across various IDoc types. This unique and highly utilized feature enables one to search for a specific entity, even-though it is used by different names and different IDoc types and context, as it refers to the content of the database field. Using this approach, material ‘AAA’ in one IDoc Type, which is referred to as Construction type ‘AAA’ in another IDoc Type can be easily retrieved. The same applies for Employee No and Manager ID. As long as these entities are aligned to the same attribute, i.e., content of the field, Insight-SAP IDoc Monitor+ will easily find all its instances.


defines all the IDoc types which supports direct re-processing via IDoc monitor

Defines all the IDoc types which supports direct re-processing via IDoc monitor


Transaction: /DCM/IDMN_SCAN

This layer is in-charge of indexing the various IDocs residing in the system. The indexing process is performed only in the background to avoid performance degradation.

The scanner uses the following operation modes:

  • Standard – Periodically indexes the newly added IDocs
  • Mass – By specifying IDoc selection criteria, it allows mass indexation of all relevant IDocs
  • Mass Clean – By specifying IDoc selection criteria, it allows mass deletion of already existing indexation data of all relevant IDocs

Indexation definition selection is available only for those already defined above.

Switch to Cleaner

Switch to Cleaner button (CTRL+F1) will switch modes between creating and deleting indexes for a certain Basic type, IDoc numbers, and time frame in cases where the parameters were changed above. It is an important option that ensures that only the relevant IDoc data is presented. This model supports scenarios such as:

  • Changed customization for indexed fields & attributes
  • IDoc Archiving
  • IDoc Express Viewer initialization



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