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Changer – Customizing (IMG)

Change Log Viewer


This section will show the customize options of the Insight-SAP.

  1. Login to SAP
  2. Go to the Insight-SAP transaction in ‘/DCM/CLR_IMG’ (T-code). You might want to save this transaction in your favorites.

The following window will open:

Changer IMG Main screen


Maintain Change Document Objects

Click on ‘Execute’ Button .

The following window will open:

Changer IMG Objects Maintain SelScreen

Select a Change doc. object.

Click on ‘Execute’ Button .

The following window will open:

Changer IMG Objects Maintain
*in this Example COND_A was selected

Check or Uncheck the “Activate” checkbox.

Changer logs all the changes of an Object only if the Object is activated.

mark the Object line and select the “Fields” folder (at the customizing Menu tree on the left).

The following screen will be displayed:

Changer IMG Objects Maintain Fields

In the second level, list of fields is maintained: Each field can be set as selection field (in selection screen) and display/output field (in ALV) with/without text column (display text).

All table key fields are set implicitly as selection fields, while other (master data) fields can be added manually.

Important Note:

  • In the first level, change document objects should be activated.
  • During initial configuration, all change document objects with logs in current system.
  • Complete list of change document objects can be found in SAP-standard transaction SCDO.Each objects lists the list of DB table/structures which are being logged.
    • In most of SAP-standard objects, the flag Doc. for individual fields at delete isn’t set, which means that when record is deleted, only the generic key of record is logged, without any other fields (i.e. you cannot see what were the values of the field during deletion).
    • In case data during deletion is required, this flag must be explicitly for relevant tables (a modification).
  • Pay attention: Only fields whose data element have active Change document indicator are being logged and available for selection.
  • For PA (Personnel administration) the change document object is HR.
  • SD Pricing (object COND_A) is a special case:
    • In standard, the changes of all pricing tables are saved under the same table with variable (VAKEY) which is a concatenation of key fields. Hence, selection isn’t trivial.
    • In the Changer key fields are being parsed into separate fields (under structure KOMG).

Define Technical Attributes of Change Document Objects

This option enables to create a group to collect reports (for example Finance, Procurement, Sales, etc.).

Click on ‘Execute’ Button .

The following window will open:

Changer IMG Technical Attributes

You may use a function module FM for converting change document key to business object.

Function module that returns the key of the object type from the internal key of the change document.

The function module may be called by the system with the following parameters:

  • Key of change document (import parameter CHANGEDOCUMENT_HEADER, reference structure CDHDR)
  • Object type whose event is to be created following the change document

The function module returns the key of the object for which the event is created.

This function module must always be provided when a change document refers to a particular object from a business point of view, but they have different keys for technical reasons.

The following function modules can be used as templates for the interface for your own development:


Since the latter enables both BOR objects and classes to be processed, this interface should be used in preference.

Maintain Datasources

This option enables to create a button in a variant report.

Click on ‘Execute’ Button .

The following window will open:

Changer IMG DataSources



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