Supply Chain Optimization & Automation - Within SAP

“The key to great supply chain management is getting vital information fast and being able to act on it fast.“ Elon Musk

Stay ahead of your supply chain challenges with Insight SAP

As a Supply Chain Professional, your ability to succeed is directly dependent on your ability to access and share information.

We give the ultimate in both of those as well as the ability to automate and all you need is a basic understanding of spreadsheets.

And the most important part is we give you all this power within SAP.

We Are SAP Native And SAP Certified

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Increased Costs Throughout the Supply Chain?

Insight Is able to significantly lower costs by simplifying, speeding up and optimizing supply chain processes by increasing the SAP users ability to access, integrate, share and automate SAP assets

Supply Chain Complexity Due to Multiple Channels to Market?

Insight SAP gives Supply Chain Managers the ability to easily create the business process that will turn complex processes into simple automated data flows.

Consumer Demands Drive Need for Improved Speed, Quality and Service?

Insight gives Supply Chain Managers the power to make an immediate and  significant impact on the overall speed and quality of service

Need to develop contingencies and mitigating action plans to eliminate risks?

Because insight gives Supply Chain Managers the ability to instantly create SAP assets and publish them in any media, they are able to eliminate risks and manage issues when they occur

Give Your SAP Superpowers


An easy-to-use, SAP native platform that is made up of two components.


  • Access, process, and enhance information within SAP. 
  • Add functions and automation to reports within SAP.


  • Content Columns
  • Functional Buttons
  • Drill-down to business objects
  • Graphics And Groupings
  •  Personal comments
  • Conditional Formatting

The World’s Only Code-free Business Process Automation (BPA) For SAP On Production


  • Publish actionable reports for internal and external entities.
  • Fully automate publishing.


  • Pull/Push, Scheduled/Alerts
  • Outgoing and Incoming
  • Split Content
  • Formats: XLSX, HTML,

Works With All Media:   Emails, Files, FTP, SMS, Snapshots, FIORI notifications…