Almost every SAP (standard or customer) report is supported.


  • ALV table (both list and grid) is used. Not ABAP list (with WRITE statements), printout, etc.
  • ALV table can be displayed directly from the selection-screen (In case multiple screens/tables are displayed in the same report).
  • The report is background enabled (i.e., could be executed in background).
    • Verification –
      • You should be able to schedule the report as a background job directly in transaction SA38/SM36
      • Use the report name rather than the transaction name.
      • Use predefined report (selection screen) variant and verify that job isn’t aborted/cancelled. ALV table should be written to spool.

* There are some special reports which require special handling to support them (for example, cases where report name or ALV layout is determined dynamically). This topic will be discussed later on, in unit “Handle special reports”.

  1. Click on the ‘Create variant’ button (Shift+F5) .

The following window will open:

Creator Monitor New Variant Screen

The following window will open:

DescriptionThe name of the Insight Creator variantObligatory
GroupA Group to collect some Insight Creator variants (for example Finance, Procurement, Sales, etc.)Optional
New Transaction CodeA new T-code for the Insight Creator variantOptional
CreateCreate a new T-code for the Insight Creator variantOptional
Delete Transaction Code Delete the Insight Creator variant’s T-Code

* Enabled only if a T-code was created
PrivateCheck if the Insight Creator variant is personal. Sharing is prohibitedOptional


Transaction Tab

Original transactionThe T-code of the original reportObligatory
Program NameThe program of the report (arrive automatically)Calculated
Variant NameThe relevant existing report’s variantOptional
Create VariantDefine a new variant to the report This option available only after adding the Original transactionOptional
Change VariantMaintain the selected variant of the report. This option available only after adding the Original transactionOptional
User-SpecificUser-specific report’s variantOptional
Via sel. screenWhen executing a Insight Creator variant a popup is always display enabling the user to choose the report’s selection screen variant.
SAP OSS Note 2918966 must be installed to support it.
Variant for Sel.When executing a Insight Creator variant a popup is always display enabling the user to choose the report’s selection screen variantOptional
LayoutThe relevant existing layout from the report (3 fields – use the search help on the first field)Recommend
Advanced searchIn some cases, a report used by transaction invokes inside another program so that an ALV layout is stored for that internal program and can’t be normally found with a standard F4 logicOptional
Without invisible columnsCheck to ignore invisible columnsOptional

Original Transaction Search Help (F4) – You can use this search help to choose three types of SAP Reports. each type has it’s own search help Tab:

  • Report by Transaction – Search and choose an SAP or a custom developed transaction.
  • LogicalTransaction – Create an Insight Creator variant based on Logical Transaction that was created in the Insight Creator environment (see previous chapter and at the Insight Creator Tips&Tricks Knowladge base – Create a report based on Logical Transaction.
  • Suggested Transactions – These are Insight SAP suite transaction that can be used to create new Insight Creator variants. In order to use them you first have to execute them separately and define a Variant to be used.
    • /DCM/CLEAR_LOG – Change Log Viewer – A report used to display the changes tracking report from the Insight SAP Change.
    • /DCM/FILE_VIEW –  Excel-In  – Enables creating an Insight Creator Variant based on an external file like Excel Sheet.
    • /DCM/IDOC_MONITOR – IDoc Monitor+ – A report used to display the IDocs report from the Insight SAP IDoc Monitor+.
    • /DCM/SE16N – General Table Display – Enables the usage of a database table (like SE16N) to create a Insight Creator variant.

Snapshot Tab *

Key*Insight Publisher Key Insight Creator linkOptional
Snap ID*Insight Publisher Job Number Insight Creator linkOptional
Aggregation ModeThe report will display only the last record according to the predefined sorting by the keyOptional
Consider original coloringRemove the check-mark if you would like to ignore the original coloringOptional
Exit IDAdd customer function to a report. Look for ‘Creating Customer-Defined Functions’.
This feature is obsolete. it’s available only for Variants that were created in older versions (and is in use)

* To be used in conjunction with Insight Publisher.

2. Click on the ‘OK’ button (F8)  to save the new Insight Creator Variant.

Important Note:

  • Transaction code is obligatory (authorization requirements).
    • Authorization for (original) transaction code is being checked during execution.
    • Reports w/o transaction code (e.g. SAP Query) can also be handled using logical transaction code. This topic will be discussed later in unit “Handle special reports”.
  • Insight Creator variant can be either Public or Private.
  • To add documentation to the variant press the Documentation (Shift+F1) button.
  • To translate the Insight Creator variant’s description to other languages, select the Insight Creator variant (after creation) then press the translate button at the bottom of the screen (available in change mode only!).

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