InsightZAP Ready-to-use Processes and Buttons

Vendor Balance

A holistic picture of the company's commitments towards its vendors.

Shipment Deliveries Load

A nice feature that saves the time of loading several deliveries onto a shipment

PO Payment Terms

A nice Toolbar function that allows one to update the PO paymentterms. It should serve as a template for PO level field update.

Updating the PO Header Field

Select several POs (from standard SAP reports t-code ME2N/L/M or any other report that shows POs) and to update a field at the header level.

Material Create

This button saves the MDM manager the burden of creating a new Material using T-Code MM01 (Create Material).

BOM item Prod Storage Location

A nice Toolbar function that allows one to update the BOM Item Prod Storage Location.

The Aha Moment

As we pondered on how to enhance your experience as InsightZAP users and empower you to make the most of the platform, we had a sudden realization. “Why not assist our users in discovering previously unknown resources that could be valuable to them?”

Through our training sessions and support interactions, we’ve encountered many processes. However, understandably, our customers are primarily familiar with the automation and processes specific to their own organizations.

Therefore, we’ve made the decision to provide a collection of  processes and Function Buttons that can benefit users across various companies, irrespective of their industries. Here they are, available for you.

In the future, we intend to expand the available content even further. Moreover, we sincerely hope that you, our valued customers, will generously share any processes you believe would be advantageous to others.