SAP MB52: Strategic Inventory Management

Organization: Chip manufacturer

Sector: Technology


The SAP transaction code MB52 generates the Display Warehouse Stock of Material in Hand report. The warehouses manager sought an enhanced stock overview to identify irregularities, facilitate collaboration with colleagues, and promptly address any shortages or issues.


With the exception of section 11 (Toolbar Functions), everything shown in this articlee has been done without coding. 

1. Initial Report

1. Selected materials from various plants 2. Displaying a variant with a few fields

2. Displaying MB52 in InsightZAP Creator

1. Data remained the same

2. New Functionality (the More menu on the right)

3. Rules frame (at the bottom of the screenshot, under the report

3. Additional DB Fields

More fields were added to the report:

1. MARA Controller from MARC

2. Product Hierarchy from MARA

4. Data Manipulation Using Formulas

On the right, 2 columns showing 1st and 2nd levels extracted from Product Hierarchy

5. Automatic Text Fetching

For Product Hierarchy, 1st and 2nd Level Product Hierarchy - the text was fetched

6. Navigation

* Meterial Serial Profile was fetched from Marc *Symbol added where Serial Profile Exists *Setting Navigation to IQ09 [Mat. Serial Number]

7. Aggregation

* Unrestricted Stock Quantity was aggregated (coloumn in the middle) * Grouped by Material (left coloumn)

8. Adding Input Columns

1. Need Review (check box)

2. unrestricted Stock Comment (text)

9. Color Coding

When the "Need Review" checkbox is selected, the record will be highlighted in red.

10. Grouping

Data was grouped according to MRP Controller

All the functionalities demonstrated so far were achieved using InsightZAP, completely code-free. The upcoming feature, Toolbar Functions (aka Function Buttons), does require a bit of code. Function Buttons empower you, the user, to specify an additional feature for integration into your InsightZAP Creator UI. Upon button activation, a specific function or sequence of functions will be executed. In this instance, the button enables users to transfer stock between storage locations.

11. Toolbar Functions

1The function in the example moves stock between storage locations upon request.

The button was created and added to the toolbar with just a few lines of code. 

In this case study, we’ve delved into how InsightZAP has not just refined but revolutionized a standard SAP transaction report, specifically the SAP MB52 inventory function. By enhancing the capabilities of the MB52 report, InsightZAP has empowered organizations to unlock a new level of efficiency, precision, and strategic insight in managing their inventory. As businesses seek progressive approaches to their operations, this case study serves as a testament to the transformative impact achievable by integrating InsightZAP with traditional SAP functionalities.

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