Automated data distribution: SAP ISH

OrganizationHadassah Medical Center


Sector – Health Care


ProblemGenerating a hospital-level hospitalization report and sending parts of the report to different stakeholders in different health maintenance organizations. The work was done manually; it was time-consuming, and sometimes errors would occur.


SolutionUsing InsightZAP, a new automated process was launched. Based on business logic, like different conditions, parts of the hospitalization report are exported into Excel files and sent via emails to the relevant stakeholders.


Hadassah is one of the biggest health centers in Israel and treats more than 1 million patients every year. Most hospitalizations and treatments are covered by Israeli health maintenance organizations (HMOs). 

The hospital finance team sends a daily hospitalization report to the health maintenance organizations (HMOs) with a list of all hospitalized patients who are treated in Hadassah. Based on this list, the hospital later bills the HMOs for the treatments and services their patients have received.

The Problem – Manual Reporting & Distribution


In the past, the process was done manually. The finance team had to sort the list of patients and assign them to the various HMOs; in addition, based on the patient’s medical condition and the cost of the hospitalization, they had to send each report to different recipients within every HMO.

For many years, this task was carried out manually. Quite often, due to the massive size of the data, the reports were delayed, and even worse, they were sometimes inaccurate. 

Over the years, the hospital looked for a solution that would automate this process.

In 2021 Hadassah Medical Center started using SAP for Healthcare, SAP ISH. From that moment, the finance team sought a way to automate the report by retrieving the data from SAP and sending it directly to the different departments in each HMO.


The Solution


In the past, the automated solutions the hospital considered were expensive and were supposed to take a long time; the projects were evaluated in terms of weeks and even months. 

Since the hospital was familiar with using InsightZAP solutions in other SAP modules, after the move to SAP ISH, they started exploring new ways to use InsightZAP in their work. They knew they could automate processes using InsightZAP without any coding. So, for three days, two people worked on automating this process (while attending to other tasks). 

First, based on an existing hospitalization report, they created a new variant using InsightZAP.

Hospitalization report
Hospitalization report, in blue (on the right), case numbers. The other columns refer to the different hospitalization departments.

Then, they started working on sending every recipient the relevant data.


The team created one report for all the hospitalization information. However, they needed to send parts of it to different stakeholders based on several conditions – the name of the HMO, hospitalization department, cost of hospitalization, etc.


Using InsightZAP, the team could add a list of recipients and then, based on specified conditions, send recipients only parts of the report they were meant to see. These parts were exported from SAP as Excel files and then sent to the recipients via email. 


Note: Since the report was produced in Israel, the report is mostly in Hebrew. However, InsightZAP supports various languages and also has a translation feature. 

This screen is dedicated to jobs (or tasks). It states that two "jobs" were sent to recepients as Excel (XLSX) files.


Today, the process is now fully automated and runs every morning. The automation process reduced the number of errors to zero, while eliminating the need for any manual involvement.

 In Conclusion


Haddasah Health Center finance department asked SAP implementers to automate the process of sending the daily hospitalization report to different recipients in various HMOs. When the organization discussed developing the process in the past, the assessment was that this kind of project would take weeks or months to complete and would involve external development companies. 

Using InsightZAP, the organization was able to complete the project within three days without the need for any development. InsightZAP provides maximum flexibility with minimum coding, and SAP professionals can run various automation processes without coding at all.

The automated process that sends the hospitalization report to external stakeholders was launched two years ago, and it still running today.

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