Clal Insurance: Company-Level Claims Report

Organization – Clal Insurance


Problem – Generating a company-level report of all claim approching their statute of limitation date. Defining the rules for the report was not easy since different types of claims have different statute of limitation periods.


SolutionInsightZAP helped Clal insurance to solve a complicated and time-consuming problem. Implementers could put together several reports and automated processes that saved a lot of time and work for the organization.



Clal Insurance is one of the biggest insurance companies in Israel. The company provides coverage in various fields, including car and house insurance and medical care. 

Every year, the company handles claims filed by its insured customers. Sometimes plaintiffs file claims without providing all the required information or documents. If the plaintiffs do not submit the needed documents to the insurance company, it cannot process them. Some of these claims reach their legal statute of limitations. 


All insurance companies operating in Israel must notify the insured whose claims were not processed that their claims will reach their statute of limitations shortly. The notification encourages plaintiffs to complete their claims by providing all the needed information so the insurance company can process the claim.


The Problem


Clal had a problem in finding all the said plaintiffs. The company has many departments handling different types of claims. Various claims have different limitation periods, so claims processed in the same department may have various expiration terms.


The main difficulty was to build a report based on conditionals that would include all claims and their respective limitation periods.


The Solution


Clal Insurance decided that every department should create its report or reports based on the conditionals applying to their statutes of limitation. 


The reports’ primary purpose was to identify the people whose claims would expire at a specific time. Next, using InsightZAP Creator,Clal’s implementers merged the different reports into a single report.


But Clal implementers didn’t stop here. They noticed the report generation time was long. Therefore, they used a snapshot that cut the report’s running time from minutes to seconds.



Screenshot- variants of reports
Clal implamenters used sanpshots to reduce the report's running time

The report was a good start, but the main task was still ahead of the insurance company’s team. After all, they needed to take the report data and translate it into action. In most cases, the desired action is sending the plaintiffs letters or e-mails notifying them that their claim will soon reach its expiration date. In other instances, the needed step was to transfer a specific case to a person or a department within the company. 


For that reason, the report has two buttons (on the left of the image below). The first is <<Send Auto Docs>>, and refers to the messages sent to the insured; the second is <<Create Task>> (in Hebrew).

Note: Since the report was produced in Israel, the report is mostly in Hebrew. However, InsightZAP supports various languages and also has a translation feature. 

Report - claims according to their limitation dates
The right coloun shows the claims' numbers and in the middle you can find the future expiration dates. The team added two function buttons Send Auto Docs and Create Task to automate daily work processes.

Other columns in the said report refer to the claim number, claim status, department, and expiration date. 

Using InsightZAP, Clal Insurance could send automated messages to the company’s insured customers. Other notifications are internal and addressed to the employees of the organization. 


Clal Insurance implementers created different “jobs” or tasks to run automatically on the report. Therefore, SAP users and implementers don’t have to do anything manually. The generation of the report and all subsequent activities are fully automated.

In the screenshot you can see a list of finished tasks, part of the report automation.

The report is actionable. Users can access all the relevant information by clicking on the relevant cell. Clicking on the claim number re-directs to the claim file; a click on the name of the department leads to all the relevant files of that department.


In Conclusion


Using InsightZAP, Clal Insurance solved one problem and then took it a few steps further.

The initial challenge was to find all the claims that were soon reaching their statute of limitations dates. The company created several reports in InsightSAP and merged them into one report, enabling them to identify the needed claims. Later, when noticing that the report running time was long, implementers used a snapshot to cut down the running time.

Then, using various automation processes, plaintiffs received notifications regarding their claims. In some cases, the system sends messages to internal stakeholders in charge of the claims. 

InsightZAP helped Clal insurance to solve a complicated and time-consuming problem. Implementers could put together several reports and automated processes that saved a lot of time and work for the organization.

Note that 95% of the process didn’t require coding, and only 5% of the project involved ABAP development. 

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