User-Centric SAP Report – Tel Aviv Municipality Case Study

Organization – Tel Aviv Municipality


ProblemThe Parking Permit & Payment Department handles thousands of requests and cases at any moment. The department employees lacked a centralized operational report that included all of the necessary data. 


SolutionUsing InsightZAP (then Rainbow), a new report was created within three days. For clarity, the SAP implementers used drill-down menus and conditional styling. As a result, Parking Permit & Payment Department employees now have a comprehensive source of data that includes all the information they need, with the ability to navigate through the data intuitively. Now, their daily stats and tasks are much easier to follow. 


Background – The Problem


Tel Aviv Jaffa is the second most populated city in Israel. As Israel’s business & leisure center, the city sees a lot of traffic on weekdays and weekends. The Parking Permit and Payment Department handles all requests for parking permits from the city’s residents and collects the money from parking tickets and fines. 

The department employees have many tasks to attend to at any given moment. 


The department team members didn’t have a centralized operational report to help them with their workload. 

They had all the necessary information on SAP, yet they didn’t have a report that showed them all the needed information in one place.


The Solution


Using D-Pro’s InsightZAP (previously known as Rainbow), the city of Tel Aviv’s Information Systems Department was able to help. 


Core principles of the project:


  1. Show all data in a single well-organized and easy-to-understand report

  2. Show all open tasks

  3. Prioritize tasks and problems

  4. No coding or prolonged projects! While making the needed report was discussed in the past, it was usually stopped in the requirements stage once stakeholders understood how many resources were needed to complete this project. Therefore, it was very important to complete this project without coding. 

Since clarity was a significant concern, from an early stage, the report consisted of groups encompassing the different types of tasks according to the task name and its priority. Based on conditional styling, different priorities were marked in different colors to make things even easier. 


Lastly, special function buttons were added specifically for this report, allowing users to continue their work by doing a particular task. Each button does a specific function. These functions include sending a notification email to the user responsible for the case, calling a detailed report if some data is missing, and filtering the report according to the user. 

The result (some parts are hidden due to sensitive information):

On the left, you can see the different group options, they include groups according to users’ names, cases left unattended vs. cases that were completed, etc. The subgroups include even more detailed views according to dates, types of problems, etc. 


The buttons marked with red (second line) are buttons that the implementer added by himself. Each function button has a specific role and formula that helps users work on their tasks within SAP. As mentioned above, the buttons in this image are: filter according to the employee, notify the assigned user and call [for] a detailed report.


 Lastly, as you can see, some cells are colored according to their priority. 


Note: Since the report was produced in Israel, the report is mostly in Hebrew. However, InsightZAP supports various languages and also has a translation feature. 


Drill-Down Reporting 


With a click of the mouse, the users can navigate between lists of their tasks to the actual task item. Any user can see the list of tasks assigned to him or her and, from this list, click on a specific cell and see the relevant item attached to that specific cell. 


This intuitive way of navigation, which behaves like a standard website or an app, makes it easier to find relevant information, such as documents, when needed. 



Who worked on the project? For how long?


Two people worked on this project, both of them are SAP implementers, and one of them uses InsightZAP on a regular basis. They showed the initial report to the Parking Permit & Payment employees and got feedback until they reached the desired outcome.


The resources for this project: three days and two implementers.


When discussing the project in the past as an ABAP development project, it was estimated that it would take at least a few weeks. That time was supposed to be dedicated to writing a requirements specification, ABAP development, and for testing. Using InsightZAP, this time was cut down to 3 days. The implementer who led this project said: “We had the initial report within a few hours, but to meet all the stakeholders expectations… that took us three days.” 


InsightZAP magic is just that, ending the need for prolonged ABAP development projects. Many projects that can increase the efficiency of organizations that use SAP are being postponed or canceled due to a lack of resources. Usually, report development projects take weeks of work, sometimes even longer. In that case, organizations often delay or indefinitely postpone their development. InsightZAP is here for the rescue. So many ABAP development projects become needless and even obsolete when using this platform. When implementers can do in three days what developers can do in three weeks, InsightZAP becomes a necessity for big organizations that use SAP.


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