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From two weeks to mere minutes – Check Point’s Sales Report

Organization – Check point


Sector – Hi-Tech, Cyber Security


Problem – Due to the wide array of services and products, the preparation of the quarterly sales report used to take two weeks, and all the work was done manually. 


Solution – Using InsightZAP (then Rainbow) a new sales report was created and the task that used to take two weeks is now completed within mere minutes. 

Check Point, a leading hi-tech company in the field of cyber security faced a challenge in accurately tracking the sales of their various products and services. Despite having all the necessary information in their SAP system, the size of the company and the diversity of its products and services made it difficult to accumulate all the needed data. For that reason, quarterly sales reports were done manually and were very time-consuming.


To solve this problem, the company used InsightZAP (then Rainbow). This powerful tool allowed the company to easily create a comprehensive report of all products and services sold during a specific period. They used several key features:


  1. They created a new sales report from scratch without any code. (Users can also use an existing SAP report or an Excel report as the basis for an InsightZAP SAP report, but in this case, these capabilities weren’t used). 

  2. For clarity, they grouped the products and services according to types of service or product family. 

  3. In the selection screen, users can select the date range. Thus they can issue quarterly, weekly, or monthly reports according to their choice.

  4. The report can be displayed as UI5 (Fiori App), meaning authorized users can view the report from mobile phones or tablets as well as their computers.

  5. Sharing and collaboration – sending emails with the attached reports from SAP.

Here’s a screenshot of the report (due to privacy reasons we cannot display the sales report in full):



Before making this report with InsightZAP, it took two weeks every quarter to collect the data and turn it into a report. Now, the same process is taking mere minutes.

Furthermore, since it is fast and easy to generate this report, it’s actually used more often than before. 

Check Point gained more than saving its employees’ time, it also gained knowledge. “From a single forecast in preparation to the quarter-end proceedings and one final report, we moved to an almost daily rate due to the ease of generating data for the report through Rainbow. [It] gives us a much better way to track our progress as we get closer to the end of the quarter and make decisions accordingly.” 

In Conclusion


From a monumental task that would take us plenty of hours spent in filtering, classifying and aggregating data, we can now generate data for a forecast or a final report in mere minutes.”

Raz Kaufman, Assistant Controller).


InsightZAP provided a swift solution to an ongoing problem. Every quarter, the preparation of the sales report would take two weeks of time. Now, using InsightZAP by D-Pro, the same task takes only minutes. Moreover, these reports became so important that they are being generated far more often, providing Check Point with valuable information and insights.

About Check Point

Check Point Software Technologies is a leader in providing cybersecurity solutions to clients all over the world and from all sectors.

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